Solar Panels San Diego – Ken Justo Discusses the benefits of both Leasing and Financing of your San Diego Solar Panel System

Solar Panel Leasing can be especially good if you don’t have any taxable income. With a lease, the leasing company can take advantage of the 30% tax credit and pass those savings directly on to you. With no down payment, low monthly payments and in most cases your solar payment is less than your monthly bill.

No Out of Pocket Expenses, if there are any problems with the solar system during the lease, the leasing company takes care. There is a big downside – the lease is with you and not with the property. If you move the new homeowner has to want to take responsibility for the lease, and then has to qualify. If he doesn’t, leases on your even if you don’t live in that home anymore. After the term of the lease, the equipment may still be good but you don’t own it. Lease company to come and take it away or start charging you again. This is a big unknown.

Solar Panel Purchasing You get the tax credits. No down payment, Low Monthly payments. In most cases, your return on investment over the guaranteed life of the system is significantly better. Your greatest return on investment comes in 15 to 20 years when the system is completely paid for and utility rates have escalated.

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