Top 5 Uses for Solar Energy.

Are You Considering Going Solar?

With solar power taking center stage as a somewhat affordable and accessible green energy source, there is no better time than now to consider incorporating solar power in your day to day life.

“Going solar” previously meant investing tens of thousands of dollars, but thanks to advanced solar technology, this is no longer the case. There are many eco-friendly, solar powered solutions for your home that you may not even be aware of!

Let’s take a look at the top 5 uses for solar energy that are sure to put more “green” in your pocket.

Residential Solar Power

When looking for ways to incorporate solar power into your residential property, ventilation fans are an excellent option. Not only do these solar powered ventilation fans decrease the electrical current demands of your home, but they also reduce your cooling costs and reduce the workload applied to your HVAC system. Roof-mounted solar ventilation fans are perfect for cooling any garage, shed, patio, or doghouse.

Residential Solar Power is one of the Top 5 Uses for Solar Energy..

Solar Water Heating

Solar water heaters are the second most used form of solar energy by San Diego homeowners. If you are considering taking your water heater “solar”, it’s important to note there are two types of solar water heaters.

Active solar water heaters utilize mechanical pumps, while passive solar water heaters purely rely on physics and heat’s natural ability to rise.

A popular use of solar is for heating water.

Another incredibly effective use of solar thermal technology is its capability to heat your home pool. Solar heated pools utilize a “solar collector” to capture sunlight which is then converted into heat. As water is drawn through the solar collector, the heated water is then recycled into your pool.

Solar Lighting

Chances are, you’re already utilizing solar powered lighting within your outdoor spaces. Small solar walk-way lights are readily available at any local hardware store.

Prices range from extremely affordable to high end, with many styles to choose from for your aesthetic preferences. If you’re interested in taking your solar-lighting to the next level, you may consider solar-powered security lights or solar technology skylights.

Solar garden lighting is a great way to keep the bills down.

Solar powered skylights are an incredibly efficient way to provide bright, and natural, light to your home during the day while harvesting solar energy to light your house at night.

Portable Solar Power

Are you looking for eco-friendly, off-the-grid, solar resources? If so, solar ovens are perfect for you.

Whether you’re interested in solar-powered camping stoves or looking to add a solar-powered oven to your home kitchen, there are plenty of options available.

Solar ovens are sturdy boxes lined with reflective material that utilize the sun’s heat to cook your favorite meals. These ovens remove unnecessary heat from your kitchen and drastically decrease electrical energy output.

Solar showers are rising in popularity.

Portable solar power banks are another must-have for every outdoorsman. Ditch the generator and add solar battery packs to your packing list instead. These battery packs will keep your electronic devices charged on the go and can be found at many retail stores near you.

Solar Transportation

Solar-powered vehicles look to be the next big move within the transportation industry. In fact, engineers around the world are working quickly to determine the efficacy of solar powered busses, trains, planes, automobiles, and even roads.

Solar power is used to keep public transportation going.

Solar Impulse 2, the first solar-powered aircraft, successfully traveled around the world in 2016. Solar bus transit is the go-to form of transportation for residents in Beijing, China, and solar-powered race cars are taking over the racetracks in Australia.

The incredible advances made in photovoltaic energy (PV) make one thing clear, solar energy is the leading renewable resource taking over the transportation sector world-wide.

The Possibilities for Taking Your Home to the “Solar” Level Are Endless.

As with any other investment, we strongly encourage homeowners to first calculate their potential solar savings in order to determine if solar power is a wise investment. You may decide to start small, by incorporating one or more of the previously mentioned solar products. This is a wonderful way to decrease your family’s carbon footprint without breaking the bank. Click here to schedule an appointment with our solar experts today!