Should Air Vents be High or Low?

If you’ve never thought about the placement of air vents in your home, that’s okay. Homebuilders do, however, have a strategy behind where vents are installed. Here we’ll go over the basics of your air vents and a few pros and cons of having floor vents or ceiling vents. Air Supply Register and Return [...]

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The Furnace Pilot Light Keeps Going Out

Once in a while, the pilot light of a gas-powered furnace may go out. But if it happens on a regular basis, it signals an issue is at hand and should be fixed. Here we’ll discuss three common reasons the pilot light goes out and three ways furnace maintenance keeps even older systems operating. [...]

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My Water Heater is Getting too Hot

Everyone understands that hot water is supposed to be hot, but it can be too hot. When this happens, your water heater usually has an issue and doesn’t know when to stop heating. Here we’ll go over four common reasons it’s getting too hot and how to change the thermostat temperature on tankless and [...]

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The Best Pet Friendly Plants

If you like plants but also love your pets, it doesn’t have to be an either or situation. In fact, there are many pet friendly plants that thrive in a range of temperature and light conditions. African Violet This luscious plant thrives in indirect sunlight, such as the lighting in an open kitchen. It [...]

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Is It Safe to Drink Hard Water?

It might not look appetizing at all, nor smell like a new spring morning, but hard water is indeed safe to drink. Eighty-five percent of the United States has hard water, metros and rural areas alike. Given its prevalence, we’ll discuss what hard water is, why it’s seen as a problem, whether it has [...]

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How Long Do PEX Pipes Last?

PEX piping has recently become a popular choice for home plumbing systems. It's easy to install, durable, and doesn't rust or corrode like copper pipes. But are there any drawbacks? Let's take a look at what PEX piping can do for your plumbing needs. What is PEX piping? PEX, or cross-linked polyethylene, is a [...]

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The Secrets to Low Energy Bills

Energy bills can often be quite daunting. And it's natural to want to try and cut costs wherever possible but still enjoy the same standard of living. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to save money and to lower your energy bills without making drastic changes. Get an Energy Audit [...]

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What Causes HVAC Smells and What Do They Mean?

When you turn your air conditioner back on in spring, you may notice some funny smells coming from the HVAC system. Knowing what these HVAC smells mean is important, as they might singal a more significant issue that needs addressing. So here are some of the most common HVAC smells and the problems causing [...]

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Can a Whole House Fan Be Used Year-Round?

Whole house fans are a great way to make your home more comfortable, not only in the summer, but in the winter too. They help keep you cool in the summer by allowing air to circulate throughout your home. In the winter, they reduce the amount of stale air and reduce moisture build up. These [...]

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What’s a MERV Rating and Why Does it Matter?

Air quality is one of those things that we don't think about until there's a problem. However, poor indoor air quality can be a major source of irritation and discomfort for us and our animals. MERV ratings are an industry standard for rating the filtration efficiency of a pleated filter. While you can find [...]

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