28 09, 2022

Want Cleaner Air in Your Home? Here’s Everything you Need to Know About Air Purifiers

By |2022-10-06T09:33:03-07:00September 28th, 2022|Articles|

You may be surprised to hear that indoor air quality is just as important as the air outside. Outdoor pollutants can get trapped in your HVAC system, so changing your air filter is essential. But other factors, like mold, dust, and dander, also contribute to poor indoor air quality. Investing in an air purifier [...]

29 04, 2022

It’s Time for Spring Cleaning! Don’t Forget Your Condenser

By |2022-06-01T16:21:48-07:00April 29th, 2022|Air Conditioning, Articles|

Routine air conditioner tune-ups are necessary to keep your condenser in the best working condition. There are also a few ways you can keep your condenser clean. We had a chat with our expert technician, Omar, and he filled us in on proper condenser care and cleaning tips! Coil Cleaner Dos and Don’ts There [...]

29 04, 2022

Repair or Replace, Which One Is Better?

By |2022-06-01T16:21:15-07:00April 29th, 2022|Air Conditioning, Articles|

In the dog days of summer, your AC is likely the most treasured appliance. It’s responsible for keeping your home cool and comfortable in that San Diego heat, and it’s a big investment for your home. Naturally, you may toil over whether to replace your AC unit when it has problems, or spring for [...]

29 04, 2022

Gas Leak? Not On My Watch!

By |2022-06-01T15:06:39-07:00April 29th, 2022|Articles, Plumbing|

If you have gas appliances, such as a furnace or a gas stove, it's important to be aware of gas leaks and to know the signs. Having a natural gas leak in your home isn’t incredibly common. However, since they are dangerous, it’s still important that you know how to identify them, what to [...]

5 04, 2022

DIY Cleaning Solutions That Actually Work

By |2022-04-05T10:49:03-07:00April 5th, 2022|Articles|

Have you ever looked at the ingredients in a commercial cleaning product and wondered what effect they might be having on your health? Many cleaning products contain harsh chemicals that can cause allergies and irritation to your skin. Also, many of these cleaning products have strong scents that can pollute your indoor air. But [...]

2 03, 2022

My Water Heater is Broken! How to Troubleshoot a Water Heater

By |2022-03-02T16:31:39-08:00March 2nd, 2022|Articles|

How to Troubleshoot a Water Heater Hot water is a must-have, but it's often taken for granted. We rely heavily on hot water. From daily showers to washing the dog or speeding up our cooking time. However, we rarely think about how much we rely on our hot water, until it breaks. Dealing with a [...]

10 01, 2022

Children and HVAC, How to Make Them Work Together

By |2022-01-10T10:28:08-08:00January 10th, 2022|Articles|

Many adjectives describe a home with children, but quiet usually isn’t on the list. For a child, almost anything can be turned into a place for play and exploration. This includes parts of your HVAC system. After all, we’re sure you want to keep your home comfortable without worries of unexpected repairs or injuries. Here's [...]

15 12, 2021

How an Earthquake can Damage Your Plumbing

By |2021-12-15T14:21:11-08:00December 15th, 2021|Articles|

Though living in San Diego is a dream, dealing with earthquakes are a nightmare. We all know about how to protect your family during an earthquake, but what about your home? Most resources look at how to protect your belongings, but what about the plumbing system inside your walls and under the house? Learn how [...]

20 10, 2021

Why Is My Heater Not Working but Thermostat Is?

By |2021-11-17T15:45:41-08:00October 20th, 2021|Articles|

San Diego sees an average of 266 days of sunshine every year. But what happens on those other days? Even the warmest of places will need heating from time to time, and San Diego is no exception. On one of those rare, cold days, nothing feels nicer than coming home to a nice warm house. [...]

14 10, 2021

How Can I Lower My Heating Bill this Winter?

By |2021-10-14T09:55:23-07:00October 14th, 2021|Articles|

San Diego is known for its sun and surf, but it can also get a little chilly every winter. Even though we don’t use our furnace as much here, there’s still a winter spike on your utility bills. For those who want to avoid the headache of winter budgeting, here are 10 ways to lower [...]

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