Finding the right contractor is the single most important decision when purchasing a new San Diego solar panel system for your home.

In most cases your solar system will come with the performance guarantee for up to 25 years, but any guarantee is only as good as the company that performed the installation.

Here are some tips when considering moving your home to solar and selecting a contractor:

1. Verify the length of time the solar contractor has been in business. You can easily check this through the State license Board and the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

2. Check the length of time the solar panel manufacturer has been in business. A company with a diverse product portfolio (ie, Kyocera, LG, etc.) is more likely to be around to stand behind their guarantee.

3.Get an in-home evaluation and don’t move forward without one. That is the only way for a contractor to get to know you and your homes specific energy needs. Failing to do this almost always leads to an overpowered or underpowered solar system.