Lots Of New Options Exist For Solar Powered Air Conditioners

California summers are filled with sunshine, hot temperatures and high utility bills. So what’s a homeowner to do? Why not harness some of that sun’s energy to operate a solar powered air conditioner? These units are proven money savers, will increase your home’s property value and the energy is free.

There are different types of solar powered air conditioners on the market today that incorporate new and exciting technologies.

  • Photovoltaic solar powered air conditioners are commonly used in homes. These units depend on solar panels to produce the energy required to run your HVAC equipment.
  • Hybrid models are designed to change over to grid power when the batteries need recharging. Adding extra solar panels and batteries will allow them to operate entirely on the power of the sun. Hybrid units also function on DC rather than AC power, eliminating the need for an inverter. The power can be drawn directly from the batteries. Portable and built-in models are available.
  • Passive solar powered air conditioners work in conjunction with your home’s design to heat or cool it naturally with passive solar energy.
  • Solar desiccant air conditioning systems offer a clever and renewable way to lower the air temperature in your home. These models use an element like salt to eliminate any dampness in the air. The salt absorbs the moisture and becomes more liquid. The energy from the sun then heats the salt and brings it back to a dry form as it continues chilling the air.
  • Solar thermal cooling systems are recommended for bigger structures. These models gather heat from the sun, which in turn powers absorption “chillers” that lower the air temperature.

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