Energy Efficiency Savings And Tips For Your Home

Today more than ever, homeowners are looking for every way possible to save energy and money. We’re all aware of the need to protect the environment and, of course, preserve our household budgets. One excellent online source for consumer information about energy efficiency and conservation is Energy Star.

Energy Star’s Home Advisor tool provides specific efficiency-enhancing recommendations based on your region of the country and the HVAC components operating in your home. For example, San Diego residents using a heat pump and a gas water heater would receive suggestions such as these:

  • Save time and money with a programmable thermostat. Compatible with most heating and cooling equipment, a programmable thermostat automatically sets your home’s temperature to conserve energy when you’re away or while your family sleeps.
  • Eliminate leaks or drafts. Start with the the attic, crawl space or basement, where you can do the most good. Next, weatherstrip around windows and doors, and caulk any spaces around electrical outlets, the fireplace and areas where pipes enter your home.
  • Install more insulation. In San Diego, R-30 insulation is recommended for the attic, while R-13 is recommended for exterior wall frames.
  • Seal or replace leaky ducts. Accessible leaks can be reliably sealed  with duct mastic, and fasteners.  In most cases our trained technicians can thoroughly seal the duct system so that it allows less than 10 percent air leakage. If your duct system is over 15 years old, replacement is probably the way to go.
  • Upgrade your equipment. Energy Star suggests considering a new HVAC system if your unit no longer works properly or is over 12 years old.
  • Look for the Energy Star label. Purchase an Energy Star water heater with .62 EF or better. Energy Star also certifies light bulbs, window glass and a variety of other common household products.

According to Energy Star, these energy saving tips can provide San Diego homeowners a potential energy savings of 17 percent.

If you’d like more information about energy efficiency, contact the local experts at ASI Hastings Heating & Air. Our trained technicians are standing by to assist you with all of your heating and cooling needs.

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