At ASI Heating & Air, we put a high value on customer satisfaction. That’s why we’ve committed to evaluating your entire home as a system. Home performance evaluations are proven ways to get better energy savings and are a more cost-effective way to affect pollution. What does that mean for you, the homeowner? A commitment to home performance means our expert technicians will evaluate how all of your home systems work together and impact each other, before we make any recommendations. This also helps to ensure customer satisfaction and a job well done.

What are the benefits of our home performance evaluations?


Evaluating the home’s efficiency starts with the HVAC system, and we take the time to help homeowners understand what efficiency ratings, like Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) for air-conditioning systems, and Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) for heating systems, mean in real working conditions. We also help to evaluate other home factors, such as insulation or ventilation, that impact HVAC efficiency.


We herald the Energy Star program as our beacon. Because the Energy Star program focuses on providing homeowners with the highest energy savings without sacrificing performance or features, our technicians value the savings that Energy Star products get for homeowners.


We put our weight as a leading HVAC company behind lobbying efforts to get homeowners incentives based on whole-house performance, not just product rebates. We know that homeowners want to use high-efficiency systems, but are often restricted in choice due to increased costs. Helping to create legislation that gives homeowners the most impact overall is important to us.


ASI is committed to spending the time it takes to help you get big results. Whether that’s in choosing a new heating or cooling system, explaining systems, or evaluating insulation levels, our home performance assessment guarantees that you’ll get the energy savings you’re looking for.

Contact the expert technicians at ASI Heating & Air, and find out how a home performance evaluation can get you on the road to increased efficiency and energy savings. We are available anytime for a consultation.