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10757494ASI_girl_t730Keeping one’s family healthy should start at home with the air they breathe.  San Diego’s ASI Hastings Heating, Air & Solar (The White Glove Guys) understands this is not as simple as it sounds. Still, ASI can help San Diego residents achieve enhanced air quality at home while boosting a home’s energy efficiency.

According to the EPA and the American Lung Association, the air inside any home may be seven to 100 times more polluted than the air outside.

“As a result, you and your family wind up spending the unhealthiest part of your day in your own home,” said Ken Justo, co-owner of ASI Hastings.

In a report to the California Legislature, California’s Environmental Protection Agency noted that indoor air pollution contributes to health concerns including respiratory illnesses, asthma and more. The report also indicated that these health problems cause Californians at least $45 billion each year.

But, how and why are homes unhealthy?

“When your home was built, many small holes were drilled to run all of the plumbing, wiring, TV and security cables as well as heating and AC ductwork to deliver all of the amazing conveniences we enjoy today,” said Justo.