The short answer is,Yes! To set this up, contact SDG&E and ask them for a net metering agreement. A net metering agreement is a 12-month long agreement that postpones your electric bill until the end of the year, rather than every month.

Some months, typically spring and fall your new solar panel system may produce more power than you actually use. For this you will see a credit reflected on your monthly utility bill. In the months where you used more power than you produce these credits will be applied. At the end of the 12-month period, there is a process called a true up. That is where the amount of power used versus the amount of power produced is measured. If you used more power than you produced you will be billed for the difference.

If you produced more power than you used you will receive a credit. You can elect to roll that credit into the following year or have SDG&E write you a check for the difference.

Event when you produce more electricity than you use there is typically a small fee may be applied to your bill for distribution costs and other fees. This is typically less than five dollars per month.