Tips for Air Filtration & UV Air Purification Systems

There are two types of air pollutants that homeowners should be aware of, and they are particulate matter and gaseous pollutants.  There are specific types of air purification strategies to get ride of each of these pollutants.  The two air purification devices that can rid your home of particulate matter are mechanical air filters and electronic air cleaners.  The filters that will handle gaseous pollutants is only designed to filter out one or a just a few types of harmful gas, and none of them are able to extract carbon monoxide.  People shopping for air purifiers should also beware of pollutant destruction air cleaners, such as UVGI cleaners, PCO cleaners, and Ozone generators.  These devices use UV lamps, and electrical discrages to destroy certain pollutants.

In order to research all of your air purification options please contact a HVAC technician at ASI Heating and Cooling.

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