You Can Have Quiet And Cool With Ductless Mini-Splits, Plus Other Strategies

One of the biggest complaints San Diego homeowners have about air conditioners is the noise. Many A/C manufacturers claim their products are quiet but few older units have really lived up to that claim. New technology has made quiet-running A/C systems a bit easier to find these days. For those without duct systems in their homes, or in home additions, ductless mini-splits are an excellent choice when you’re looking for quiet operation and efficient, effective cooling.

Ductless mini-splits are relatively small, quiet air conditioners that can provide spot cooling to small areas such as home offices and sun rooms. They can also be used for extra cooling capacity in hard-to-cool areas of your home. Their small size makes them ideal for small family rooms and bedrooms.

Ductless mini-splits are often more energy efficient than ducted models, since no energy is lost moving conditioned air through a duct system. Choose an Energy Star-qualified model for the greatest energy efficiency.

Installing the ductless system

For the quietest possible operation of your mini-split air conditioner, be sure that the indoor portion of the system, the air handler, is installed properly. The air handler pulls in air from the room through the grill in front and blows cooled air back into the room. Placing the air handler high on a wall is a popular option.

The noisier component of the mini-split, the compressor, is located outside, and can often be connected to more than one air handler. Connecting the two main parts of the ductless system is the conduit, which contains the condensate drain, power cable, refrigerant and suction tubes, and power cable.

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