Being Healthy Starts With The Air You Breathe

If you’re like most San Diego residents, keeping yourself and your family healthy is one of your top priorities. The EPA and American lung Association estimate that the air inside your home is anywhere from 7 to 100 times more polluted than the air outside.

Air filters are helpful but they’re a very small part of the solution.  One of the main reasons people suffer from poor indoor air quality is because of the original construction of their home.  When your house was built many small holes were drilled to run all of the pipes, wiring, TV & security cables as well as the heating and A/C ductwork.

Unfortunately all of these seemingly small holes and cracks collectively equal a gaping hole the size of a basketball.  These holes create a direct air exchange between your attic and your living space allowing unwanted pollutants into your home while wasting valuable energy.  To make matters worse, additional pollutants are infiltrating your home because of leaky ductwork.

There is a simple solution. Seal your ductwork and seal the holes in your attic. “You would think that your home would have been built that way, but it wasn’t. One of the key factors in homebuilding is the cost of construction. Energy usage and good indoor air quality are a distant second.  As a result you and your family wind up spending the unhealthiest part of your day in your own home.


In an effort to reduce residential energy usage by 40% by the year 2020, the state of California is making energy funds available to homeowners through a program called Energy Upgrade California (EUC); along with matching funds from the city of San Diego and Chula Vista qualifying homeowners can get up to an $8,000 incentive for making health and efficiency upgrades to their home.  Funds are limited and are running out quickly.

Getting started is easy

The first step is a 26 point home comfort and energy assessment.  An energy audit will provide you with a roadmap pin pointing opportunities for you to make your home more healthy and energy-efficient.  Stop wasting energy and breathing unhealthy air.  A local HVAC & solar company, ASI Hastings can provide San Diego homeowners with health, comfort and energy solutions.

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