Duct Sealing Gives Home Comfort A Boost — And Saves You Money

According to California Energy Commission, the average home loses around 30 percent of its conditioned air through a lack of ductwork. Replace or repairing leaky ductwork will make your home much easier to heat or cool to comfortable temperatures. After replacing or repairing your leaky ducts, you will also notice lower energy bills because you will no longer be paying for energy lost through duct leaks.

You probably have leaky air ducts if you notice any of following problems:

  • Energy bills that seem too high
  • Difficulty heating or cooling rooms to the desired temperature
  • A dusty home
  • Visible kinks or tears in your air ducts

Professional repair

A professional contractor will be able to reach ducts in tricky locations, such as inside your walls or small crawl spaces. Therefore, a professional will be able to seal more duct leaks than most homeowners. If your energy bills are very high, consider having a professional perform a home energy evaluation to determine whether duct problems are the source of your high costs.

Choosing a contractor

The contractor who helps with your duct sealing should:

  • Seal duct leaks using Zip ties, metal tape, mastic sealant or an aerosol sealant
  • Inspect all of your air ducts, including ducts in your crawl spaces, attic and garage
  • Evaluate your HVAC system’s air supply and return ducts
  • Change your air filter
  • Test your system for combustion safety, making sure that no gas from appliances flows into your duct system
  • Make sure ducts are tightly sealed to all vent grilles
  • Fix damaged or kinked ducts
  • Evaluate airflow after finishing repairs

For help evaluating your ductwork and repairing leaky ducts, San Diego-area residents should contact the experts at ASI Heating and Air Conditioning. We’re always happy to help!

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