Want To Directly Boost Energy Savings? Look At Landscaping Options

Usually when people think of landscaping, the focus is on what will look attractive.  Many people don’t realize that with strategic planting, some pretty impressive energy savings are actually possible, as well.  In fact, when landscaping is planned specifically with energy efficiency in mind, the initial investment could be recovered within the first eight years.  With fall planting season just around the corner, now is a great time to take a look at your landscaping and see what could be changed or added to increase your savings.

Shading and Cooling
When summer heat hits and the sun shines directly on your windows, your home heats up, increasing the workload of your air conditioner.  Placing trees and shrubbery strategically so that the side of your home that receives the most sunlight is shaded can lower the ambient air temperature by as much as 9 F.  Professionals can look at your property and help determine the best placement for planting, for the best results and energy savings.

Water Conservation
Many people have to use a considerable amount of water and energy trying to keep their landscaping green all summer long.  By using grass minimally and focusing on native plants, careful landscaping can significantly decrease water usage, which can be a real money saver over the hot summer and during a drought.  A landscaping professional can help you determine how much water your plants and yard actually need, preventing waste through over-watering.

Region and Climate
When choosing a professional to consult, it’s helpful to find one who is local and has a good understanding of the regional climate, since every region has their own individual benefits and challenges.  Your home’s energy usage will also vary considerably based on factors like whether you live on a hill or near a body of water.

Homeowners in San Diego can trust ASI Hastings Heating and Air Conditioning to understand the region and help them find the most energy savings possible.  Contact ASI Hastings today to have a service rep come out and discuss your cooling options.

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