America’s greatest investor goes solar

As seen in the UT San Diego: read entire article Earlier last year it was reported that Warren Buffett's Mid-American Utility, a portion of holding company Berkshire Hathaway, announced the purchase of solar projects located in Antelope Valley, Calif. At a whopping 579 megawatts, the Antelope Valley projects are currently the world's largest photovoltaic [...]

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The importance of choosing the right solar contractor

With ever increasing start-up solar companies entering the market place, it pays to do a little homework prior to signing on the bottom line. Certainly, in most instances, turning to rooftop solar energy may possibly be the best financial decision for curbing never ending utility rate hikes. There are also other financial advantages with State [...]

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ASI Heating & Air Conditioning’s In-Depth Home-Performance Assessment Will Impress

At ASI Heating & Air, we put a high value on customer satisfaction. That’s why we’ve committed to evaluating your entire home as a system. Home performance evaluations are proven ways to get better energy savings and are a more cost-effective way to affect pollution. What does that mean for you, the homeowner? A commitment [...]

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Health begins with improving home air quality

As seen in the UT San Diego: read entire article Keeping one’s family healthy should start at home with the air they breathe.  San Diego’s ASI Hastings Heating, Air & Solar (The White Glove Guys) understands this is not as simple as it sounds. Still, ASI can help San Diego residents achieve enhanced air quality [...]

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Big rebates in San Diego, make home energy upgrades affortable

As seen in the UT San Diego: read entire article Energy Upgrade California (EUC) is a program that aggressively supports California’s goal of reducing energy consumption in homes by 40 percent by the year 2020. More importantly, Homeowners can get as much as $4,500 towards energy, safety and comfort upgrades that will improve the quality [...]

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