An epidemic has spread throughout the County of San Diego, making the electric company pee their pants! Some argue this rivals the best invention since sliced bread; others believe it’s better than Mother’s Milk! What on planet Earth could rival these two giants? ASI Hastings’ new low-interest, long-term, tax-deductible, punch the electric company in the gut, financing option; that’s what!

“I believe this will completely change the way homeowners purchase energy upgrades for their home! Solar, insulation, air sealing, and of course the big energy users; heating and air conditioning equipment,” states Ken Justo, Owner of ASI Hastings Heating, Air and Solar. “You can upgrade your home with new energy efficient measures at a more affordable rate than ever before! What really takes the cake is the application process; approvals aren’t based on traditional credit scores and applying is lightning fast.”

The best part about this new finance opportunity is homeowners can repay through their property taxes……meaning the interest is tax deductible! Plus this investment stays with the property, even if a homeowner sells. This truly is a finance option for everyone! Whether you have bad credit or are just looking for more tax deductions, this truly is an opportunity that few homeowners have witnessed before.

“The new and reduced payments are bread crumbs compared to your current electric bills and furthermore the rate structure is fixed; unlike those electric companies who raise their rates faster than you can open your checkbook! The timing couldn’t be better! Utility rates continue to skyrocket and the costs of energy upgrades are at an all-time low. Homeowners finally have the upper hand on the electric company!” states Justo.

For additional information or to see if you qualify, please contact ASI regarding the freedom-fighting, flag-waving, finance opportunity.

You are a phone call away from scheduling your free energy evaluation. To recap: low interest, tax-deductible, brand spanking new equipment, punch electric company in the gut, comfortable in your home! P

“With your head full of brains and your shoes full of feet, you’re too smart to go down any not-so-good street.” – Dr. Seuss