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Earlier last year it was reported that Warren Buffett’s Mid-American Utility, a portion of holding company Berkshire Hathaway, announced the purchase of solar projects located in Antelope Valley, Calif. At a whopping 579 megawatts, the Antelope Valley projects are currently the world’s largest photovoltaic solar development to date. The disclosed price was upwards of $2 billion.

Those following Buffett report he only buys when sure an asset is undervalued and selling below market price. In addition, his investment pattern leans to long-term and predictable industries. Is it possible that the greatest investor in American history knows something all should pay attention to?

Perhaps yes. With reported investment returns ranging from 7- to 25-percent to solar-equipped homes, it certainly appears to be a much more profitable investment than current low yielding funds. And the best part is the security of return on investment. These truly are dividends one can count on. With 30 percent federal tax credits, incredible financing options and rock-bottom solar panel prices, many believe timing couldn’t be better for investing in safe profitable clean solar energy. For those who aren’t familiar, home solar power production is guaranteed for 25 years providing the solar contractor and solar panel company is established and reputable.

So what is required of consumers thinking of investing in solar?

Do the research. Solar is definitely a long-term investment. This isn’t something one should consider purchasing over the telephone. The investment is too important. Much goes into evaluating if solar is the correct move. Selecting the right company becomes essential. Local, experienced companies, such as ASI Hastings Heating, Air & Solar, guarantee the stability homeowners need for the long haul.

ASI Hastings, which has more 60 years serving the San Diego community, begins the process with a free in-home energy assessment. To learn more, call ASI Hastings at 1 (619) 350-3205 and schedule a free energy evaluation today. ASI Hastings is a highly rated and trusted name in the industry. Don’t delay, perhaps it’s time to invest like the best.