How to Change a Showerhead.


Do you ever look at your bathroom and feel the urge to change something? While it’s not easy to do something like install a new faucet or re-paint the walls, we have an easy solution. Changing the showerhead is one thing you can do that will have a lot of visual impact without a huge amount of work. Here is everything you need to know about how to change a showerhead.

How to Change a Showerhead: Gather Materials First

How to Change a Showerhead: Gather Materials First.

Before you even touch your showerhead, there are a few materials you need first. Fortunately, you don’t need a lot, the only thing you’ll be dropping some cash on is the new showerhead.

Sidenote, before you start to do anything, read the instructions that come with your new showerhead. Some have different installation requirements than others.

  • New Showerhead
  • Plumbers or Teflon Tape
  • Old Toothbrush
  • Adjustable Wrench
  • Stepstool
  • Washcloth

1. Remove the Old Showerhead

The first step in this very short process is to remove the old showerhead.

Unless your showerhead hasn’t changed since the 80s, it should be fairly easy to remove. If it has been in place since VHS tapes were still sold in stores, all you need to gently screw it counterclockwise with a wrench. Just be careful not to damage anything in the process.

Any newer showerheads can be removed by hand. Hold the extension arm in place with a washcloth and turn the showerhead counterclockwise until it’s fully removed.

We’re not telling you to get rid of the old showerhead, but we’re not telling you to keep it either. What you choose to do with it is up to you.

2. Clean the Pipe Arm

It’s a fact that with time all showerheads will incur some sort of reside. After removing the old showerhead, strip off any leftover plumbers or Teflon tape, then clean underneath.

Use the old toothbrush to gently scrub out anything that’s inside the head of the pipe. Clean up everything with your handy washcloth.

Next use the toothbrush to breakup any buildup left on the outer threads of the pipe. Put that washcloth to use again and make sure everything underneath is clean as can be.

3. Put on the Teflon Tape

Most people who have worked with Teflon tape can attest to how tricky it can be to use.

Here are the basic steps to using Teflon tape:

  1. Start by holding the end of the tape flat against the pipe’s threading. Make sure the tape stays flat, it should not bunch at all.
  2. Wrap the tape 6-8 times counterclockwise around the pipe threads.
  3. Hold and press the tape tight and flat.
  4. After wrapping the tape from end to end, break the tape by pulling it apart. Then smooth the loose end over the threads.

The next step is actual installation.

4. Screw in the New Showerhead

When it comes to install time, don’[t forget the instructions you read about the showerhead. This could be very important when putting everything together.

When all the tools are assembled and the instructions read, get ready to put in the new showerhead. Make sure the Teflon tape is as flat as it can be, then start to screw the showerhead in a clockwise direction.

You should be able to hand turn it. Twist it into place until you feel no resistance. Then tighten it one quarter of a turn.

Do not tighten it too hard. Most modern showerheads come with a plastic nut that helps hold it into place. Too much pressure can crack or break the nut.

5. Check Everything for Leaks

After everything is screwed in, it’s not time to just sit down and say, “job well done.” You need to test the new showerhead.

The last thing you need to do is test the showerhead. Turn on the water in your shower and see how it flows. Are there any leaks or sprays coming from your new showerhead?

Don’t be worried if there are. It’s common to readjust the Teflon tape or showerhead until you get it to stick just right. However, we must reiterate, do not tighten anything too tight.

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