logoIt was a night of dinner, friendship, and celebration at the American Lung Association’s recent Lung Force Gala held Friday, June 10, 2016 at the Port Pavilion on Broadway Pier. The Lung Force Gala is motivated to passionately bring a collective power of all those standing up against lung cancer as well as promoting overall lung health.

The Lung Association promotes clean household air and the vital role it plays in healthier breathing for all ages of San Diego County’s population. In recognition of ASI Hastings (The White Glove Guys) outstanding commitment to healthy air breathed and real in-home solutions, the American Lung Association presented ASI owners, Ken & Phil Justo, special recognition at this year’s star studded event.

“We were truly honored,” stated Ken Justo. “Obviously we are not the only company selling and maintaining heating, air, and solar systems, but no other company prioritizes each home’s needs like we do. With us at ASI, its health and safety first, period! Comfort and efficiency are a given. We don’t install anything that isn’t. But health and safety, that takes a game plan and it’s a big priority with our team. It was extremely rewarding to receive such special recognition from the Lung Association. A definite ‘Shout Out’ goes to our outstanding ‘White Glove Team’ and the personal and professional approach they take with each of our clients.”

Without question, ASI Hastings leads the industry in providing a comprehensive strategy that addresses in-door healthy air. One of ASI’s Mission Statements is to ‘Turn Every House into a Healthy Home,’ and make no mistake, a healthy home starts with the air you breathe. In many cases it starts with locking contaminants out by air sealing attics and duct work while at the same time purifying and filtering harmful unwanted pollutants. High Efficiency Particulate Air filtration (HEPA) filters and the latest in ultra-violet air purification can make a huge difference in a home’s air quality.

ASI’s comprehensive approach to a healthier in-doors is rated the best in San Diego County. At the same time, they continue to help San Diegan’s breathe easier outside by helping to reduce carbon footprints with clean energy solar products. A properly designed solar system can also help homeowners save money on ever increasing electricity costs.

“Health and safety are top priority, pure and simple,” says Justo. “We at ASI are fully aware of how poor in-door air quality can contribute to the development of lung infections, lung Cancer, even chronic lung disease such as asthma. The American Lung Association works enormously hard at providing the public with the latest in information and household tips to help promote a healthier in-door environment. We not only pay close attention to the Lung Association’s findings but lead the industry in implementing procedures that work. Our company’s goal is to continually promote proven healthy-air procedures to everyone we have the privilege of serving.”