Interested in a Battery Back-up for your Solar system?

Energy Storage Systems (ESS)s stores your electricity you produced and utilizes them for later consumption.

An LG solar battery can store surplus energy generated from rooftop solar panels for use when needed. When the sun has set, energy demand is high, or there is a black-out, you can use the energy stored in your LG solar battery to meet your energy needs at no extra cost. Unlike a grid-tied solar system which automatically switches off, a battery storage system allows you to keep generating and consuming energy when the grid goes down. In addition, an LG solar battery helps you pursue the goal of energy self-consumption and ultimately energy-independence.

Electricity Bill Savings

  • Charge during off-peak times
  • Discharge during peak times
  • Self-consumption
  • Store Solar energy generated from your solar panels for future use
  • Emergency Power Backup
  • Discharge during a blackout, functions as backup power

LG Chem RESU Warranty: 10 years from the date of purchase.

Warranty of Performance: LGC warrants that the battery retains at least 80% of Nominal Energy for 7 years after the date of invoice and at least 60% of Nominal Energy for 10 years after under proper conditions of the use during the Term of Performance Warranty. Please contact us for details.

Compact Size & Easy Installation: The compact and lightweight nature of the RESU is world-class. It is designed to allow easy wall-mounted or floor-standing installation for both indoor and outdoor applications. The inverter connections have also been simplified, reducing installation time and costs.

Specifications: The LG RESU 10H packs 10kWhr of lithium ion cells rated to 6000 cycles or more and is the first entry in LG Chem’s new high voltage range. These batteries are designed to be compatible with the SolarEdge StoreEdge Inverters. The LG Chem is capable of putting out 5kW of peak power or 3.5kW continuously. The battery has 9.8 kWh of usable capacity with a round trip efficiency of greater than 90%.

Compatible with our SolarEdge Solar PV Optimizer Kits: The best solution for interfacing an LG RESU battery with solar panels and the utility grid. are our solar kits with SolarEdge StorEdge compatible systems are a single inverter for solar panel grid-tie applications that also manages DC battery backup storage power. It includes the hardware required to provide automatic backup power to backed-up loads in case of grid interruption. The SolarEdge also includes all of the interfaces needed for DC battery connection. If you do not have this type of inverter or unsure of your inverter type, please give us a call so we can find the best way to provide you with a battery solution.


  • Cell: UL1642
  • Battery Pack: UL1973 / CE / RCM / TUV(IEC 62619)
  • Emissions: FCC
  • Hazardous Material Classification: Class 9
  • Transportation: UN38.3
  • Ingress Rating: IP55