We recently sent out an email in response to SDGE’s recent letter titled “NOTIFICATION OF PRICING PLAN OPTIONS”.

We received an overwhelming response and are trying our best to return each and every phone call. Since this could take days, even a week, to get back to every valuable client. I wanted to try and answer all your questions right here.

If you are on NEM 1.0; do nothing. I have spoken with representatives from SDGE and have been assured that if you DO NOTHING… you will remain on the advantageous NEM 1.0 agreement that you are already on.

If it would make you more comfortable, and I think it’s a great idea; call SDGE and ask for a manager or someone who actually knows what they are talking about. Here’s their number: 1-800-411-7343

Our goal is to help our clients stay informed and when SDGE sent out this letter about Time of Use billing, we felt compelled to respond.

To anyone who has called our office and has not received a response yet, we appreciate your patience while we work our way through our voicemails; rest assured that we will get to you as quickly as we can.

For NEM 2.0 customers – You should stay on the DR Tiered program (this is your current program) and no matter what, do not select the “opt out” option as this will automatically enroll you in the new “time of use” program in December which will significantly raise your current rates.

To find out more, here is a link to SDGE’s website – www.sdge.com/solarplans