7 03, 2012

Your HVAC System and Electricity in San Diego

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While not every HVAC system in your San Diego home requires electricity, many of them do. Your air conditioner repair, electric furnace or water heater and ventilation system all need access to the central power line. So what does that mean for your system and what problems should be you beware of? How Your HVAC [...]

20 02, 2012

Replacing your furnace? what the AFUE rating means

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When it’s time to purchase a new heating system for your San Diego-area home, you will want to know how efficient it is. This is one of your most important considerations. High levels of efficiency mean the furnace will keep your home comfortably warm, and do so without wasting energy — saving you money in [...]

2 02, 2012

Need The Job Done Right? Then Go With NATE

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Locating an experienced HVAC contractor with a track record you can trust can be a big job. The process often leaves homeowners with a lot of uncertainty. Everyone will tell you they’re the best — but how can you separate the professionals from the pretenders? Luckily, there’s an excellent way to distinguish the knowledgeable technicians [...]