Why An Expert A/C Installation Is Critical For Energy Savings

When you are in the market for a new A/C system, it’s important to remember that the efficiency of the equipment is not the only thing that’s important. The other key component to an energy-saving, home-comfort system is installation. The way your new equipment is installed can make or break your cooling system.

As Energy Star points out, shoddy installation practices could lower your equipment’s performance level by 30 percent. That means your monthly energy bills will be higher than necessary, and your new equipment won’t last as many years as it should.

To make sure you get the most our of your investment, choose an experienced contractor, and ask about Energy Star’s installation practices based on the Air Conditioning Contractors of America’s (ACCA) specifications. Your contractor should be able to explain this installation technique, which includes:

  • Sizing and cooling load calculations performed according to industry standards to ensure that your equipment is properly sized for your home
  • Checking the refrigerant level in your new A/C unit. (Levels that are too high or too low can decrease system efficiency as much as 50 percent. Verifying that the refrigerant pressure and the airflow over the indoor coil is set to manufacturer specifications
  • Positioning the outdoor unit to allow proper upkeep and keep it free of debris, while sheltering it from the sun
  • Testing for correct burner operation and proper venting
  • Installing a compatible indoor coil at the same time the outdoor unit is replaced.
  • Adding a programmable thermostat to your system if one is not already in place
  • Instructing you about routine filter inspections and replacements
  • Inspecting and sealing of your ductwork (A certain amount of retrofitting or adding of extra ductwork might be necessary to accommodate new ultra-efficient A/C equipment.)

To learn more about selecting and correctly installing a new air conditioning system, talk to the experts at ASI Hastings Heating and Air Conditioning. Visit our website for further information about our products and services or just pick up the phone.

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