There are number of reasons that one room may be warmer than another when cooling your home. Duct design is often a key factor as well as an improperly tuned cooling system.

  • ASI Hastings certified technicians are trained to completely evaluate your A/C and ductwork as well as looking at your entire home for anything that could be contributing to uneven temperatures in your home such as insulation and air leakage.
  • One of the key factors in homebuilding is the cost of construction – comfort, safety, health and Energy usage are a distant second. When your house was built many small holes were drilled to run all of the pipes, wiring, TV & security cables as well as the heating and A/C ductwork — typically, these small penetrations add up to a gaping hole the size of a basketball. These holes allows hot air and unwanted pollutants into your home while wasting valuable energy. Stopping hot air from leaking into your living space by sealing all the holes and penetrations from your attic can be one of the most cost-effective improvements you can make to your home.