9 Tips to Stay Cool Without Breaking the Bank. How to Naturally Cool Your Home.

It’s true, there’s nothing quite like a San Diego summer! We’re lucky to have warm sunny days, outdoor adventures, and an easy tan. But with the hot temperatures comes the natural struggle to stay cool.

Cranking up the air conditioner isn’t cost-effective and believe it or not, some homes don’t have central AC, especially vintage ones. Even if you do have a cooling system, or if you’re looking to save on monthly electric bills and reduce your environmental impact, dropping the AC thermostat isn’t the way to go.

Here are a few inexpensive and simple ways to naturally cool your home without spending more on air conditioning from the White Glove Guys at AS!

Hot summer meme of a prairie dog saying "enough summer now, thank you."

Switch Ceiling Fan Direction

Most ceiling fans have a button or switch that changes the direction it spins. Clockwise spinning distributes warm air more efficiently while counter-clockwise does the opposite. In the summer, you want to stick to the science behind “warm air rises” as much as possible.

Flip the switch on your ceiling fan to push warm air up, rather than down. Check the operator’s manual if you have trouble locating your magic switch.

Hang Blackout Curtains

Thick and dark blackout curtains help you block light and heat rays from the sun more efficiently. This keeps the home temperature down, especially if you keep them closed during the warmest hours of the day.

Leave blackout curtains closed during the day to naturally cool your home.

BONUS Benefit: You prevent your rugs, furniture, and artwork from premature sun fading.

Take A Cool Bath or Shower

If you don’t have one outdoors, or if you’re trying to avoid the sun, create your own tiny indoor swimming pool! Fill up your favorite bathtub with cool water. Set the stage for a relaxing environment with your favorite background music or audiobook.

A cool shower during the day can help to naturally cool your home and your body.

A cold shower works too! Or both! Rinse off in the shower while you fill the tub and chill out when it’s full. This is a body-temperature dropping strategy that’s very effective.

Your Crockpot Is Your Summertime Best Friend

Cooking over a hot stove in the summer? PASS! What about baking homemade goods in ninety to one hundred degrees weather? No thank you!

There is a better way! While most folks think crock pots are for winter chilis and cold night soups, you can really cook nearly anything. A pressure cooker or crockpot is the premier dinnertime savior when it comes to feeding your family in the summer.

Sure, you could BBQ, but that’s just standing over a hot stove outside. Where it’s also too hot!

Keep cool in the kitchen this summer and keep your crockpot handy.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking lots of cold water and fluids will help your body cool down from the inside out. Partially fill reusable water bottles and store them in the freezer for a quick water refill. Store full water bottles in the fridge or fill a jug you can keep topped off.

Freeze Homemade Treats for The Family

Slushies, popsicles, juice pops, frozen yogurt, and even homemade ice cream are all great summer treats you can easily make at home. Blend up your favorite mix of fruit, juice, ice, or other flavors and fill a popsicle mold to freeze for later. This is a fun family activity that is far cheaper than the ice cream truck that barrels through your neighborhood every night!

Open Up at Night

There’s nothing like Southern California’s cool night breezes to naturally bring down the temperature. When the sun finally sets, open up the windows and get a few fans going to circulate cooler air through the home. Or strategically open windows at the opposite ends of your home to get a good cross-breeze going.

Opening a window can help you sleep as well as this cat taking a nap on the windowsill.

Install A Whole House Fan to Naturally Cool Your Home

This requires professional installation so it might not work for every southern California homeowner. However, it’s far cheaper to operate than your air conditioner if you’re trying to save on monthly utility bills.

A whole-house-fan inhales the cool night air from cracked windows from a central location in the ceiling. No more ugly fans taking up space! Just cool air rushing through your home. Run it in the early morning hours to quickly drop the temperature for the day.

A couple relaxes on the couch with help from their whole house fan.

It will not dehumidify your home, however. But even with the added expense of a freestanding dehumidifier, you may find that you still save on your monthly utility bills without having to crank up the AC all day.

Don’t Forget to Tune-Up Your AC

Regular AC maintenance is the only way to ensure your air conditioner is running efficiently and safely. Internal components need to be cleaned and air filters must be replaced periodically to get the most out of your cooling system.

A technician preforming an AC tune-up. Don't forget to schedule your yearly AC tune-up.

ASI technicians recommend a comprehensive seasonal exam of your AC system every year to ensure your system is ready to beat the heat this summer! Schedule an AC maintenance appointment with our team today!