Homeowners often select heat pumps to heat and cool their homes in milder climates, like ours here in San Diego, in order to save energy and money. Heat pumps are able to operate on very little energy because they don’t need to generate heat; instead they move the heated air. The units perform well and don’t require any compromise on comfort in summer or winter.

To accomplish all these great things, the equipment does require a little attention. If the pump is not properly maintained, its performance can suffer and it may end up costing you money. Without proper annual care, for instance, the unit might switch over to auxiliary heating unnecessarily — and there goes the significant energy savings you’ve grown accustomed to enjoying. Here’s what you can do¬†between annual professional maintenance visits¬†to improve the airflow to your home and to keep the equipment clean internally:

  • Replace the filter monthly or whenever it appears dirty.
  • Keep debris away from the outdoor unit.
  • Be sure that the air registers inside your home are not blocked by rugs, curtains or furnishings.

Schedule a preventive maintenance visit and your technician will take care of the following crucial tasks to keep your heat pump in excellent shape. When the items on this list are done, you can expect many years of comfort from your investment in energy-efficient home comfort equipment:

  • Replace the air filter.
  • Check for duct system leakage.
  • Measure airflow and air temperature entering and exiting the equipment.
  • Check refrigerant pressure and look for any leaks.
  • Inspect and clean the indoor evaporator, and condenser coil and blower.
  • Oil moving parts.
  • Inspect belts for excess wear and check tension.
  • Test controls to be certain heating and cooling can’t be turned on simultaneously.
  • Examine electrical wiring and connections, and clean terminals.
  • Check compressor operation.
  • Test the defrost cycle.
  • Clean the condensate drain.
  • Calibrate the thermostat.

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