Time for an AC Tune-Up

Summer in San Diego is truly special. Between the sun, surf, and amazing hiking spots, we’ve got it all. At ASI, we’re already dreaming of warm summer nights on the beach. But we’re also dreaming of how nice it feels to come home to a home with central AC. We understand some people want to start running their AC before the yearly tune-up, and that’s ok. Just be on the lookout for these 5 signs it’s time for an AC tune-up.

Your AC is Making Some Startling Sounds

Modern Condensers are engineered to not make a sound. We want you to have the most relaxing home possible and no one wants sounds coming from their vents. However, if you do hear a sound repeatedly coming from your vents, it could very well be cause for concern.

We’ve received complaints of people hearing a repeated banging noise, this could be from a loose or broken part. Squealing can be attributed to a loose belt and a constant humming could point to an electrical issue.

Utility Bills are Going Way Up

If your utility bills are going up, it's time for an AC tune-up.

An inefficient system will drive your utility bills up. When we say inefficient, we mean a system that’s working harder than it needs to. Fortunately for most homeowners, this is a relatively easy fix. All you need to do is change the air filter.

All air that is released into your home must first travel through the air filter.

Your Home Feels Like the Tropics

If your home feels extra humid, it's time for an AC tune-up.

A tropical vacation sounds nice, but you probably don’t want to take the humidity home with you. Most people don’t know this, but an important task of your home’s AC system is to regulate humidity levels. A home that’s too damp or humid is a strong indictor it’s time for an AC tune-up.

There are a few reasons your home could be more humid than usual. The most common one is a lack of refrigerant. Refrigerant is what cools outside, ambient air. A condenser that’s low on refrigerant is able to somewhat cool the air but leave it incredibly damp.

Another issue could be that your evaporator coil is dirty. A dirty evaporator coil can’t properly cool air, leaving it heavy and humid.

There’s Warm Air Coming from Your AC

If there's warm air coming from your AC, it's time for an AC tune-up.

In addition to humidity control, your AC has one very important job, to keep your home cool. It’s a clear sign something is wrong when the AC is unable to perform it’s one main function. This situation is the exact one when you would want to call someone in to take a look at your system.

Warm air can be attributed to a number of different problems. They range in the small and easy to fix category all the way up to large issues that deem it necessary for a system replacement. Sometimes the thermostat could be acting up and you just need to reset it. Other times you just need to replace the air filter. However, we’ve seen AC’s with broken compressors or worn motors. This is not something you can diagnose yourself.

Airflow is Seriously Lacking

If your airflow is low, it's time for an AC tune-up.

Is there only a small trickle of cool air where there was once a mighty stream? This is a relatively common problem and can usually be fixed by changing the air filter. With enough use, the air filter gets full of dust, dander, and other debris floating through your home. A full air filter restricts airflow, meaning less air will make it to your vents. A simple air filter change can make a world of difference.

For the Best Tune-Ups, Call ASI, The White Glove Guys

When it comes to tune-ups, you expect the best. That’s why you should call ASI, The White Glove Guys. We offer unmatched AC tune-ups. Our HVAC experts make sure to conduct aesthetic, safety, and functionality checks to ensure a season of comfortable cooling. We proudly serve San Diego and surrounding communities. Dial the number at the top of the screen or click here to schedule an appointment online.