Should I lease or buy solar?

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Am I tied to the grid?

In most all cases, the answer is yes. Your new solar panels will produce power during the day but not at night so you will still be dependent your local utility to provide power during those times when your solar system is not producing enough power to offset your usage.

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Can I zero out my electric bill?

Yes, you can zero out your utility bill but will still receive a bill from SDG&E each month. At the end of 12 months your utility bill will be trued up (reconciled). SDG&E evaluates the amount of power that you produced versus the amount of power that you used and you will make a payment […]

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What is the Solar Equipment Warranty?

Warranties vary depending upon what type the solar system that you invest in and the way you choose to go solar.
If you lease or enter a power purchase agreement (PPA) your system will be worry free for up to 20 years. The installation and any future repairs are fully covered for the life of the […]

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What are the current Solar rebates?

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ASK Ken – Solar as an investment

Ken:  Last week I wrote an article about purchasing versus leasing solar for your home. Reader, Berry, responds.

Berry: The recent Union Tribune ‘Ask the Expert’ discussed reasons why someone might wish to purchase a home solar installation. I agree it’s a good idea (I bought one) but I think the rationale presented is weaker than it might be because a solar investment is just that, an alternative to an investment such as a mutual fund or a bond. When viewed in that light its advantages are enormous. Finding a tax-free annual return of even 5% is not easy and at a more realistic level of 10% or more, there are no such animals. Finding any investments that pays comparable returns and is for all practical purposes risk-free is similarly impossible. But people – for reasons I don’t understand – think in terms of “When will I make my money back from a solar investment?” People don’t do that when buying a CD or investing in a stock that pays a dividend. If you lined up two groups, Corporate Bonds, Government Bonds, 401Ks and Mutual Funds in Group 1, with New Car, Kitchen Remodeling, Swimming Pool, Expensive Audio System in Group 2 – – most people would say that a solar system belonged with Group 2. It’s that mindset that needs to be broken. […]

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ASI Goes Toe to Toe With Mother’s Milk

An epidemic has spread throughout the County of San Diego, making the electric company pee their pants! Some argue this rivals the best invention since sliced bread; others believe it’s better than Mother’s Milk! What on planet Earth could rival these two giants? ASI Hastings’ new low-interest, long-term, tax-deductible, punch the electric company in the gut, financing option; that’s what!

“I believe this will completely change the way homeowners purchase energy upgrades for their home! Solar, insulation, air sealing, and of course the big energy users; heating and air conditioning equipment,” states Ken Justo, Owner of ASI Hastings Heating, Air and Solar. “You can upgrade your home with new energy efficient measures at a more affordable rate than ever before! What really takes the cake is the application process; approvals aren’t based on traditional credit scores and applying is lightning fast.” […]

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America’s greatest investor goes solar

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Earlier last year it was reported that Warren Buffett’s Mid-American Utility, a portion of holding company Berkshire Hathaway, announced the purchase of solar projects located in Antelope Valley, Calif. At a whopping 579 megawatts, the Antelope Valley projects are currently the world’s largest photovoltaic solar development […]

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The importance of choosing the right solar contractor

With ever increasing start-up solar companies entering the market place, it pays to do a little homework prior to signing on the bottom line. Certainly, in most instances, turning to rooftop solar energy may possibly be the best financial decision for curbing never ending utility rate hikes. There are also other financial advantages with State and Federal money available. But the solar company you select can be a blessing or a curse. Like all home construction projects, a contractor’s reputation is an all important factor.

On top of the list of questions homeowners need fulfilled is warranty issues. Will the contractor be around for approximately 25 years? This question is important to ask because solar power production is guaranteed for that time period providing the system is maintained and operating efficiently. Another question that should be asked and answered is whether a particular solar company provides their own installation or do they sub-contract the work to be performed? If it is the latter then more questions need be answered with regard to the sub-contractor’s business practice and history, longevity and reputation. […]

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San Diego Connect Interview with Ken Justo about Solar Power

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