Priority 1 Membership

White Glove Service, Priority Treatment & Discounts, Plus Savings!

Priority Advantages:

Complimentary – Annual A/C & Heating Maintenance 

Diagnostic Charges – Unlimited Complimentary Repair Diagnostic on your heating and air system, with priority dispatching

Complimentary Whole House Plumbing Inspection

Complimentary Drain Cabling 

Complimentary Attic/Crawlspace Efficiency and Safety Analysis

HVAC Repair Discounts – 10% Discount on All HVAC repairs

Plumbing Repairs Discounts – 10% Discount on All Plumbing Repairs

Lifetime Warranty – on all air conditioner repairs

Extended Warranty – on all ASI installed Air Conditioning Equipment

Priority Installation – on New HVAC Equipment


This Priority One Annual Membership with ASI will AUTOMATICALLY RENEW for one-year terms at the end of your current membership year unless you choose to cancel prior to the renewal of your membership or your membership is canceled, terminated, or discontinued by you or ASI.  Your method of payment will continue to be charged as the rates then in effect at the time of renewal.  You are required to notify ASI immediately of any change in your name, billing address, service address, email address, telephone number, credit card, bank, or other account information.

Your annual membership entitles you to many benefits, eligibility of your Priority discounts is contingent on your membership has been in good standing for at least 6 months.  If you fail to take advantage of any benefits included in your membership during your annual term, these benefits are lost the applicable annual period.  All benefits and complimentary services have no monetary value.  Extended parts and labor warranty excludes compressors, heat exchangers, coils, and refrigerant leaks.

You may cancel your annual membership at any time by calling ASI 1-800-481-2665.

Priority 1 Membership Details