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The home, built in the 1970’s, was typical of many homes built in California. Hot in the summer, cold in the winter, poorly insulated and a high energy consumer.

upgradehomeawardASI Hastings came to the rescue and gave the home an entirely new life with a state of the art Solar Power System, Attic Sealing and Insulation, wall insulation, high-efficiency water heater, Energy Star Appliances, Xeriscaping provided by Padre Damn and high-efficiency HVAC system to create one of the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly existing home conversions available today.

1972 3 Bed 2 Bath
Sq Ft: 1305
Location: Santee, CA

Rebates of Initial Measures
Energy Upgrade California: $4,500, Qualifying Solar (PV) Tax Credit: $3,960
Total Modeled Annual Energy Savings: 49.9%

Energy Efficiency Measures Completed:

  • Whole House Air Sealing and Attic Sealing
  • Attic Insulation (Blown-in Cellulose)
  • Wall Insulation- Dense Pack Walls
  • Duct Replacement: Sealed, Insulated Ducts and Vents
  • Two-Stage Furnace 98% Efficiency and 14 Seer A/C
  • (PV) Solar System
  • Air Return Duct in Every Room
  • Programmable WiFi Thermostat
  • LED Lighting & Controls
  • Energy Star Appliances

Let ASI Certify Your Furnace: Family-Safe!