Leaky ductwork can be a home health hazard.

San Diego homeowners rely on air conditioning and heating systems to deliver clean, conditioned air throughout the year. Many even go as far as to install high-efficiency air filtration systems in hopes of relieving asthma and allergy symptoms. But more often than not, a home’s ductwork system is continually overlooked. According to the California Energy Commission the average Southern California home leaks 30 percent of the conditioned air into the attic and crawlspaces while wasting on the average a whopping $544 a year because of leaky ducts and improperly maintained air conditioners. Not only is this a tremendous waste of money but unhealthy leaks also provide clear passage for polluted air from attics or crawlspaces directly into the home. Common problems associated with newer and older duct systems are things such as holes, tears, kinks, disconnections, crushed ducts, destruction from rodents and excessive dust or debris inside the ducts. Experts agree the condition of a home’s ductwork system has a significant impact on air quality as well as efficiency making it worthwhile to have ductwork inspected annually for problems.

“Many times a simple inexpensive repair, such as duct sealing, can make a huge difference,” claims Ken Justo, co-owner of ASI Hastings. “In two story homes some of the ductwork is hidden behind walls, but most will be accessible in the attic, crawlspace, garage or utility closet. With any luck minor duct sealing will be all that’s needed. The amount of money wasted each year by sending both hot and cold air through duct leaks in the attic space can be significant, but the big issue here is a family’s health. When looking at the negative health effects, fixing or replacing ductwork becomes a no-brainer.”

If the accessible ductwork is found to be in bad shape, odds are the entire system is suffering from age, poor design or even poor installation. If this be the case, it’s a good idea to have ductwork professionally inspected and replaced as needed. A technician can non-invasively check the entire system for leaks and proper airflow, identifying issues that might not be obvious such as improperly sized ducts. Inspections are inexpensive and in some cases free of charge and provide good ideas on how to proceed. Damaged or poorly designed systems leave little option other than replacement. But it isn’t necessarily all bad news. Depending on the severity of the situation it may involve only a small section of ductwork.

With spring and allergy season rapidly approaching, ASI Hastings Heating and Air Conditioning is happy to answer any questions or concerns. ASI is one such company that automatically provides a free ductwork inspection while performing recommended annual air conditioning tune-ups. Known for providing the highest quality service in San Diego, please don’t hesitate to call the ‘White Glove Guys’. Your family’s health and comfort is what they’re all about. 1.