NOTICE: SDG&E’s “Notification of Pricing Plan Options”

This information is for anyone currently under Net Energy Metering 1.0 (your solar panel system was turned on before June 29, 2016.) The utility company recently mailed you a letter about approved changes to electric rates for SDG&E customers, including those with solar energy systems.

They are trying to change the way you are billed for electricity. We recommend you take NO actions.

Here’s why: As you may know, you are grandfathered in to NEM 1.0

Under your current NEM 1.0 agreement,

You pay for electricity and produce energy at an apple for apple exchange. Everything you produce, you get paid for at the same cost as what you use.

Under the new Time of Use (TOU) agreement,

The proposed new TOU. agreement has three rates periods; On-PeakOff-Peak, and Super-Off-Peak. Basically, they are going to charge you more money when you need it and give you very little credit when your solar system is producing the most amount of energy.

If you are interested, check out SDG&E’s web page for specifics.


Do nothing. We have contacted representatives from SDG&E and have been assured that doing nothing is all you need to do. Many of our team members here at ASI have solar systems on our homes and we are telling our team members the same thing. Remaining on your current grandfathered NEM 1.0 agreement is the BEST decision you can make about your solar investment.

This is why we strongly recommend taking no action in response to the recent letter from SDG&E. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please call our Solar Department Leader, Nate Jordan at 619-590-9300 ext 315.