mini ductless-splitMini- Split Ductless Systems

The alternative to traditional systems, focusing on individual rooms and living spaces rather than on a central air system, its more energy-efficient, more flexible, and easier to install – as proven by decades of successful use in Europe, Asia and across the globe.

The Perfect Solution to Your Cooling and Heating Problems

What is a ductless mini-split system?

Ductless systems pump cooled or heated refrigerant directly to wall- or ceiling-mounted air-handling units through small lines. Each room or living space has its own air-handling unit, and each unit has its own temperature control system.

A ductless mini-split is comprised of two units:

Indoor Unit – uses refrigerant to cool or heat air and quietly streams it where you need it in the living space.

Outdoor Unit – has an inverter-driven heat pump that cools or warms refrigerant and sends it inside to an air handler through small lines.

When is a mini-split preferable to a central ducted system?

  • Hot and Cold Rooms
  • Additions/ Renovations
  • Enclosed Patios
  • Homes Without Space for Ductwork
  • Larger, Multi-Zone Living Spaces

When You Have High Energy Costs
Why pay to cool/heat your home all year long when you only live in a few rooms at a time? Cooling is up to 40% more efficient than standard systems. Single and multi-zone systems are available to fit any room or your entire home.

When You Have Hot or Cold Problem Rooms
A common problem with ducted forced air systems – one that can easily be solved by a ductless system. The system senses the temperature throughout the room and makes automatic adjustments. No ductwork is required, so installation is fast and doesn’t require any messy renovation.

For Renovations and New Homes
Ductless systems only need a 3” opening for two refrigerant lines, control wiring, and electrical connections; perfect for man caves, garages, or any additions. And it’s a life saver for any home that can’t accommodate ductwork. Outdoor units are compact, lightweight, and easy to install unlike outdoor units for ducted systems.

For Allergens and Enclosed Odor Areas
Mitsubishi’s ductless system comes with a sophisticated multi-part filter system to reduce odors, allergens, viruses and bacteria from the air as it circulates within a room. With regular cleaning, the filters can last up to 10 years and are easy to clean and maintain. .

Mr. Slim M-Series

While everyone of the Mr. Slim series ductless splits are lightweight and compact, the M-Series was designed specifically for small and/or tight spaces. Don’t let the small size fool you, it can cool almost any size room with ease and efficiency. And unlike the traditional unattractive window unit, the Mr. Slim indoor ductless split is so small and compact that it continues to by one of the the top choices amongst the most fashionably conscious consumers.

Mr. Slim P-Series

The Mitsubishi Mr. Slim P Series offers flexibility and convenience for even the most demanding of commercial and residential spaces in San Diego. The P-Series indoor unit cooling and heating solution is unmatched, it can quickly heat up or cool down even the largest of spaces. Wall mounted, celling recessed, celling suspended and ducted options are available with this model.

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To help you better understand ductless mini splits, let’s consider some frequently asked questions, and their answers.

Doesn’t a window mounted unit serve the same purpose?

A ductless mini split requires only a three-inch hole through the wall connections, enabling it to be mounted on any wall, or hung from a ceiling without blocking window light. In addition a ductless split is significantly quieter than window or wall A/C units.

Does a mini split cost more than a window unit?
Yes, but the smaller indoor evaporator unit provides greater versatility in placement, and the small access hole makes your home safer from intruders. In addition, if a ductless mini split is used only when a room or area is occupied, the savings may equal up to one-half of your normal heating bill.

Can mini splits be used to for zoning?
Yes. A single outside compressor, up to 125 feet away, can be used to feed one or more evaporator units, each having its own wireless, remote control.

Are mini splits more cost-effective than central ducted systems?
Yes. A central ducted system loses as much as 30 percent of its heating or cooling capacity through the ducts, especially in unconditioned areas, such as the attic.