Get Your Precision Air Conditioner Tune-up and Safety Inspection

Keep your San Diego home comfortable and safe all season long!!

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Keep Smiling All Season with an
ASI Precision Tuneup!

There are many benefits to regular maintenance of your home’s A/C system:

  • Lower Monthly Utility Bills! – Increasing your A/C’s energy efficiency
  • Fewer Costly Repairs! – Annual Tune-Ups preserve your precious equipment
  • Increased Comfort! –  A/C energy boosting Tune-Ups make your systems run better than ever

If you are not satisfied that your energy savings from your Precision Tune-up and Safety Check saved you enough money to offset the cost of this service, we will refund the cost of the tune-up.

If your Furnace or Air Conditioner breaks down within six months after your Precision Tune-up and Safety Check, we will credit your entire investment towards the repair or replacement of your unit.

No Questions Asked.

If you are looking for the peace of mind of knowing that your Furnace or AC system is running at maximum efficiency, give us a call at 1 (619) 350-3205 for your Precision Tune-Up and Safety Check service.