19 07, 2010

My Air Conditioner Doesn't Seem To Work Well On Humid Days

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HIGH HUMIDITY CHANGES THE WORK LOAD ON YOUR AIR CONDITIONER – Humidity refers to the moisture that has evaporated into the air and exists as an invisible gas. When trying to determine if an air conditioner is cooling properly you need to take into consideration the amount of moisture in the air. As the heat is removed [...]

19 07, 2010

Cash for clunker appliances now includes central air conditioners, furnaces and heat pumps

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Effective July 28, the California Energy Commission (CEC) will be administering an estimated $20 million for the California State Energy Efficient Appliances Rebate Program (SPEEARP), also known as cash for clunker appliances. For the first time central air conditioners, furnaces and heat pumps will be included in this program. Funding will be awarded on a first-come, [...]

23 06, 2010

Energy Saving Tips for Heating and Air Conditioning

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The US Department of Energy released tips to help you save as much energy and money through heating and cooling. It is important that these tips are followed because no other systems in your home waste more energy or money (about 43% of your utility bill) than those for heating and air conditioning. […]

20 06, 2010

Allergy and Asthma Checklist

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Below is an asthma and allergy checklist to help you fight airborne allergy, asthma & upper respiratory problems. Keeping indoor dirt, dust, pollen’s, and other indoor air pollutants out of your home will help you improve your indoor air quality. (IAQ) Many of these allergy solutions below cost little or no money. […]

15 01, 2010

Heating Season Tips

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Since 1952, families in the San Diego area have relied on ASI Hastings Heating & Air Conditioning to keep them warm in the winter and cool in the summer. We specialize in heating, air conditioning, air duct cleaning, (Quack. I said duct cleaning not duck cleaning. Oh.) and High efficiency air filtration & allergy solutions. [...]

14 01, 2010

Test Your Carbon Monoxide Score and Protect Your Loved Ones

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Carbon monoxide poisoning is a very real threat. ASI Hastings wants you to know how to help keep your family safe and secure this holiday season, take our quiz and brush up on your CO IQ. Question 1: What is carbon monoxide? Answer: Carbon monoxide, known by the chemical formula “CO,” is a poisonous gas [...]

12 01, 2010

Heating Safety

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Heating devices may help you feel cozy and warm, but they can become extremely dangerous if not used properly. Home heating equipment is the second leading cause of household fires in the U.S.; There were an estimated 62,000 home fires in 2005, according to the non-profit National Fire Protection Association [...]

8 01, 2010

Recalled Furnaces Still Starting Fires

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NEWS from CPSC – U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission: CPSC Announces Recall of Furnaces in California Although this recall occurred in Sept. 2000, ASI heating and Air technicians regularly find recalled furnaces still being used today. Don’t trust your families safety to the “Handyman” have a properly trained and certified service technician look at your gas furnace [...]