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10 01, 2022

Caulk a Shower in 6 Easy Steps

By |2022-01-10T10:41:24-08:00January 10th, 2022|Common Questions|

Homeownership comes with responsibilities. Over time, many parts of your home will need repairs, especially the bathroom. Even the cleanest shower needs an occasional refresh. The buildup of gunk of mold under the caulk sealant can take away from the true luxury of your bathroom. The good news is all of this “ick” can easily [...]

10 01, 2022

Children and HVAC, How to Make Them Work Together

By |2022-01-10T10:28:08-08:00January 10th, 2022|Articles|

Many adjectives describe a home with children, but quiet usually isn’t on the list. For a child, almost anything can be turned into a place for play and exploration. This includes parts of your HVAC system. After all, we’re sure you want to keep your home comfortable without worries of unexpected repairs or injuries. Here's [...]

15 12, 2021

Can I Purify Tap Water at Home?

By |2021-12-16T11:52:03-08:00December 15th, 2021|Common Questions|

One of the best things about living in San Diego is that we can trust our water is clean and healthy. Despite this, our water is very hard. For those asking, “can I purify tap water at home,” the answer is that you can, but that comes with a few caveats. Hard water is something [...]

15 12, 2021

How an Earthquake can Damage Your Plumbing

By |2021-12-15T14:21:11-08:00December 15th, 2021|Articles|

Though living in San Diego is a dream, dealing with earthquakes are a nightmare. We all know about how to protect your family during an earthquake, but what about your home? Most resources look at how to protect your belongings, but what about the plumbing system inside your walls and under the house? Learn how [...]

14 12, 2021

How To: Furnace Troubleshooting

By |2021-12-15T11:10:49-08:00December 14th, 2021|Heating|

Furnace maintenance should be on every homeowner’s to-do list. However, issues can still arise even when your furnace is appropriately maintained. Here are some of the most common furnace issues we see. Read on to learn how you can troubleshoot these common furnace problems on your own. The Blower is Always On If you notice [...]

17 11, 2021

How to Unclog a Toilet Without a Plunger

By |2021-11-17T15:45:31-08:00November 17th, 2021|Common Questions|

No matter who you are or where you live, we all have at least one thing in common. We’ve all clogged a toilet at some point in our lives. We understand that plumbing maintenance can truly be a pain. Now, what makes it even worse is if you’re in a home with no plungers. Lucky [...]

17 11, 2021

What Types of Pipes Are Used in Home Plumbing?

By |2021-11-17T15:36:11-08:00November 17th, 2021|Common Questions|

There are more than a few plumbing materials that make up your whole system. Even though we recommend all plumbing jobs to be done by professionals, it’s just good to know what’s being used in your home. Not only will this help you better understand the work that plumbing maintenance entails, but it will also [...]

17 11, 2021

What is the Best HVAC Filter For My Home?

By |2021-11-17T15:31:55-08:00November 17th, 2021|Common Questions|

Does it ever feel you like you need to make too many decisions? Sometimes, there are so many options it’s hard to choose, and ASI is here to help. While we can’t help you pick the perfect flavor of ice cream, we can help you find the best HVAC Filter for your home. When it [...]

20 10, 2021

Why Is My Heater Not Working but Thermostat Is?

By |2021-11-17T15:45:41-08:00October 20th, 2021|Articles|

San Diego sees an average of 266 days of sunshine every year. But what happens on those other days? Even the warmest of places will need heating from time to time, and San Diego is no exception. On one of those rare, cold days, nothing feels nicer than coming home to a nice warm house. [...]

14 10, 2021

Top 5 Uses for Solar Energy

By |2021-10-20T09:33:33-07:00October 14th, 2021|Solar|

Are You Considering Going Solar? With solar power taking center stage as a somewhat affordable and accessible green energy source, there is no better time than now to consider incorporating solar power in your day to day life. “Going solar” previously meant investing tens of thousands of dollars, but thanks to advanced solar technology, this [...]

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