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Air Filtration and Purification Systems

air-aroundusDoes your home suffer from air quality problems? Many homes do. In fact, the air quality in most homes is worse than the air outside.

We are proud to offer cutting edge systems that can help you and your family “breathe easy”. Our quality line up of products to clean and purify the air in your home. Electronic Air Cleaners, Humidifiers, Fresh Air Ventilators, Ultraviolet Air Treatments, HEPA Filters, Duct Replacement, and more…



The Air Scrubber HEPA+ removes airborne particles, neutralizes chemicals, and abates living organisms.

 3 Components of Poor Indoor Air Quality

Very small solid or liquid substances, such as dormant or living organisms and inorganic or organic compounds, that are light enough to oat in air.

This category represents germs, viruses, and bacteria. These small organisms can only be seen through a microscope, and are present in every environment.

Chemical (Gaseous)
Hundreds of gaseous pollutants, combustion gases chemicals (VOC’s), detected in indoor environments.Health effects vary widely and depend on the types, concentrations, frequency duration of exposure.

The Air Scrubber HEPA +:

  • Creates a cleaner environment
  • Alleviates fatigue & headaches
  • Reduces asthma, hay fever & sinus problems
  • Cuts dust & cleaning requirements
  • Promote health & wellness
  • Ease breathing problems
  • Control pet odors & dander
  • Relieve sore throats, runny noses & sneezing


The Air Scrubber HEPA+ uses a five-stage process to purify indoor air:

Stage 1 Treated Pre-Filter – Removes Particles to 5 Microns

Stage 2: Activated Carbon Filters (2) – Reduce Toxic Chemicals and Gases

Stage 3: Hospital Grade HEPA Filter – Purges Allergens to 0.3 Microns

Stage 4: Reactive Catalyst- Neutralizes VOC’s, Toxic Chemicals, and Odors

Stage 5: UVC Light – Renders Germs, Viruses, and Bacteria Harmless

Photo-Catalytic Oxidation – The Air Scrubber HEPA+ incorporates patented Photo-Catalytic Oxidation technology, using UVC light to activate a highly reactive catalyst. This process converts harmful and toxic compounds into benign constituents, such as water and carbon dioxide.

Easy Maintenance – The Air Scrubber HEPA+ is designed for easy maintenance to ensure peak performance at all times. Built-in electronic service lights indicate when filters and UVC lamps require replacement.

Electronic Sensor – The Air Scrubber HEPA+ features an electronic sensor that constantly  onitors air quality. Airflow automatically increases to compensate for periods of unusually high chemical activity or particle count. Warning lights signal the presence of toxic chemicals and fumes well before they reach dangerous levels or become detectable to the human senses.

Using patented technology, The Air Scrubber HEPA+ removes airborne particles, neutralizes odors and chemicals, and renders germs, viruses and bacteria harmless.


Invest in a High Efficiency Air Purification System or Your Lungs Become the Filter!


Isn’t The Air Inside My Home Healthier Than Nasty Outside Air?
The Environmental Protection Agency – otherwise known as the EPA – reports that the air inside your home may be more polluted than the air outside of it.

How The Air Scrubber 2000 Works:
Just like the Sun! The sun naturally eliminates harmful bio aerosols outdoors; your Air Scrubber 2000 brings the sun’s power indoors! Imitating the air purifying intensity of the sun, the UV Lamp kills mold and mildew.

How Much Maintenance is required?
ZERO. You won’t find an easier air purifier. All you have to do is have your local HVAC technician replace the lamps every two years.

Breathe Healthier and Wave Bye-Bye to Allergies! Kills Germs, Bacteria, Fungus, and Viruses. Remove Odors From Inside Your Home!

  • Kills germs, bacteria, and viruses, doing so reduces the occurrences of flu, colds, and infection; keeping your family healthy and safe.
  • Reduces risk of respiratory ailments by reducing the level of airborne fungus and mold.
  • Neutralizes odors left from pets, smoking, cooking and any other odors or VOC’s.


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